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Hooray - I passed my course - Mental Awareness Course

I’m so happy I am because I finally passed my cause for the last two weeks. I've been hiding myself away doing a mental health awareness course which I've passed so, I hope you can see that here. It's a level 2 mental health awareness course and I'm a speaker on mental health. I help delegates to understand and learn how to turn their stress into opportunities and I talk about my journey living with mental health and running a business at the same time being a speaker and entrepreneur. It was so important for me to actually find the time dedicating myself to this course. As a mental health speaker, I'm really passionate that you can live a full life, you can experience a positive wellness life but, this cause, it gave me a great education on the different categories of mental health illnesses and different types of mental health from dementia, eating disorders, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

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