I love notebooks

I’m going to share a tip about a notebook that literally cheers me up and really is a great way to improve my mental health way on the root of a great mental health way being I am a little while back say like a few years ago, I was reviewing my mental health and my life which were not really great. They were going downhill and one of the things I found about myself is I’m always treating others so, I came up with this brilliant idea to have a one day out of the week where it’s just my day and I could be a little bit selfish and I chose that to be a Friday and I still do this till this day so, on a Friday , I do not work past the hour of four o’clock. That’s me done.

That’s my day so, now what I do every Friday is I treat myself and I get so excited that I bought myself a notebook. In the beginning, this was a really brilliant idea because a few years ago, I was going through such a difficult financial challenge in my life and I didn’t have lots of money however, the notebook was so great because I’m really good at buying inexpensive things and I could shoot myself to a notebook which was only like a pound so, today I’d like to share with you the notebook that I chose for myself and I’m a little bit of a notebook connoisseur so, when I choose a note but I take my time and make it a great experience because it really cheers me up because I’m also a writer and I’ll talk about that in another video so, the notebook that I bought for myself last week is this book and the reason I love it because of the colour. Red is my favourite. It makes me feel really good and because I’m a writer I chose this one because it’s no line and also the shape. I’m sure you agree ladies in our handbags we carry just far too much and I love this notebook because it’s really thin if you could see this yeah. It got a little smiley face at the front can you see that.

Therefore, those little things really make me happy so, during the week if I’m having a really bad bipolar day well now getting a little bit depressed I just reach for this notebook and I just start writing away. You would be amazed, It really does make you feel a little bit better so, guys stay t