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I’m campaigning and fundraising for Black people to have access to Black therapists


100% of water bottle sales go to cover the costs to run a free Black therapist workshop for you and the Black Community


Why am I fundraising? 

Only 7% of Black adults reported receiving mental health treatment compared with 14% of white British adults.


Black people are not getting the support they need! Metro newspaper reported "Mainstream mental health services often fail to understand or provide services that are acceptable and accessible to non-white British communities and meet their particular cultural and other needs." 

Did you know?


Black people have a higher risk of developing mental health conditions than white people – but they are less likely to be able to access mental health services. 


1. MAKE a donation and purchase a water bottle today.

2. GET your mental health questions answered by a Black therapist 

3. We orgainse a FREE event for you to attend.


Watch Q&A Black Mental Health Workshop | May 2022


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