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How students are stressed!

  • University life is a new environment 

  • Feeling homesick with the pressure living on your own for the first time

  • Social challenges to make new friendships

  • Financial problems and finding a part-time job

  • Accommodation challenges

  • Overloaded with coursework 

  • Exam stress to achieve right grades

I have achieved a CACHE Level 2 certificate qualification in mental health awareness, dated October 2019

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The Guardian reported suicide rates among students in England and Wales have risen slightly over the past 10 years, with 1,330 student deaths by suicide – 1,109 (83 percent) were those of students studying at undergraduate level, while those studying at postgraduate level accounted for 221 deaths (17 percent), link here 


Photos form O2 Arena Speaking Engagement (students and millennials)

International student

International students are also presented with mental health challenged and according to there are five key stress factors

Language barriers

Culture shock

High expectations



When you book me as your Speaker for your University or College, I have a laser focus to inspire students instantly and they can relate to my story and at the end of my presentation, students always want to take #selfieswithme

By being courageous, sharing my story, I give students hope that the dark days are just temporary because I’m an example that you are able to achieve a successful life with mental health challenges. This is because my story starts with an everyday person being diagnosed with a mental health illness who became a successful speaker and an entrepreneur.





















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