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Conference / Exhibition / Award Show / Networking Events for SMEs & Entrepreneurs 

How SMEs are stressed !

  • Running your business can be stressful 

  • Financial worries finding clients 

  • Procrastination

  • Irregular working hours

  • Often work from home

  • No frequent annual leave

  • Miss family birthday and family weddings

  • Long working hours

  • Exhaustion or lack of energy

I have achieved a CACHE Level 2 certificate qualification in mental health awareness, dated October 2019

A UK survey by Haines Watts Group found:

37% of business owners lose motivation at least once a year

58% identify peaks and troughs in the volume of work as a source of stress and a drain on their motivation.


51% Financial worries are the second highest factor in becoming demotivated

Are you an Event Organizer? 

Let’s have a chat to discuss your next event your next by telephone or WhatsApp.


✓ SMEs

✓ Entrepreneurs

✓ Business Owners

✓ Business Professionals

✓ Directors

UK Location 

✓ London

✓ Outside London

✓ Europe

✓ International 

Event Type 

✓ Conferences

✓ Exhibitions

✓ Awards

✓ Business Expo

✓ Symposium

✓ Summit

Come along to my upcoming event to see my role

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