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Seminar Event: Hear My story - Plus; Plus Stress Coffee Support for 2020

Monday 17th Feb 2020 at 7pm

You are cordially invited to an exclusive evening with Bella Rareworld Bella Rareworld has finally decided to take the brave step in admitting she suffers from bipolar disorder in an effort to break the stigma of mental health in business. Bring a friend and don't miss this event seminar Bella says: “I finally feel confident and brave to share my story and no longer feel ashamed that I have a mental illness

The Seminar Event Objective

  • Learning outcome = When your stressed or experiencing mental health challenges, phone a friend/family and arrange to meet for #Coffee.

  • A Coffee with a friend will cheer up your day = #CoffeeWithBellaRareworld

Photos from previous Bella Rareworld Bipolar Event...

Check out Podcast topic episode ep2 -Tip - Why you should and book a coffee to cheer you up

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